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About US

UPP digital pushes the boundaries to ensure our clients receive the best service possible, achieving each of their business goals along the way. We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs to help make clever marketing decisions and we take action to get the results they are looking for from their online presence.

We have managed thousands of clients from a multitude of different industries throughout Australasia. Our experience means that our clients can be assured of expedient results and can feel safe in the knowledge that our attention to detail and pride in our work is a recipe for success- both for us and your business. We are Google AdWords certified which ensures that we are up to date with all tech trends to keep your business well ahead of the curve.

UPP Digital prides itself on quality work with a team of dedicated Account Managers that attend to your needs at all times and keep you up to date with statistical reports and analytical data .


Who Are We

The helm of UPP digital is three friends, Mat Stephens who has more than 10 years in the Tourism industry, Cain Bradley who has a wealth of knowledge in the advertising industry and Chris Nordlof who has over 10 years Commercial and Business Banking experience.

The idea for UPP Digital came from the three of us who had a vision to provide a quality product, an efficient service and the chance to be involved in the success and growth of thousands of businesses throughout Australasia by helping business owners make the right marketing decisions.

We all believe that a successful business is built on friendship - working hard for each other, supporting each other and pushing each other for guaranteed success. With that in mind we apply the concept of treating our clients as family, that way we all achieve our goals.

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  • "Working with UPP Digital over the last few years has been a real delight.
    With marketing it can seem to be a bit of a hit and miss ordeal however after much persuasion I trusted in the process my Account Manager took me through.

    UPP Digital had tailored a marketing campaign focusing on my company needs. I can confidently say that my business has gone from strength to strength which is a direct result of the work the team at UPP Digital has done over the years. "

    Tristan, Director.
    Vision Seal | Melbourne

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